Marks Registration No. Description
Patent No. 0372828 CF Detection Method & Device
Patent No. 0464916 CF Detection Method $ Database Utilization on CF & Value Balance Tech
Patent No. 10-0607696 CF Detection Method & Value Balance Technique by using Security Thread
Patent No. 10-0857880 Cf Detection Method by using Magnetic Ink
Patent No. 10-1166603 Bill counter with counterfeit detection using multiple ultraviolet-ray sensors
Patent No. 10-1853004 One pocket securities discriminator using double-faced image sensing, and its method
Patent No. 10-1944955 2CIS one pocket securities discriminating method and its devices
Patent No. 0318526 Effcient Dust-free Operation cash counter
Certificate of Design Registration No. 30-0759097 Bill counter
Certificate of Utility Model Registration No. 20-0467899 Stacker guide for bill counter
Marks Certification No. Description
CE-C-0202-04-44 EC Declaration of Confirmity
KR-NET 1534A1 Certificates of Confirmity
5775 ISO (9001 : 2000)
Electronic-155 GQ Excellent Product
New Technology Association Venture Business Certification
Kyunggi industrial Technology Association Innovation Business Certification
2007075 Public Procument Service Host