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The global problem of counterfeit money has been widely documented and acknowledged. It is a known fact that a substantial proportion of US dollars in circulation are indeed counterfeit in nature. As such, financial institutions, currency exchange bureaus as well as other businesses and organizations now see the need to accurately detect suspect banknotes.

The thechnology required to differenntiate a genuine banknote from a fake one is widely acknowledged as being advanced even by global standards. Bringing together experienced technical and managerial experts, e-Banking Tech. was established in April 1999 with the aim of developing and commercializing a new technology in the field of counterfeit currency detection.
Our technical staffs Whose experiences span from circuit design and mechanical engineering to software development have combined their respective talents to put forward a series of products that we believe hold a competitive edge over leading products that can identify suspect banknotes.

Our products have successfully undergone rigorous performance testing by a number of international financial institutions, which now vouch for its precision. We are confident that by installing our products at your institution we will shield you from loss deriving from counterfeit currency. we proudly offer a range of bank business machines that will. without doubt, improve the way you do business today.